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We Laughed - Billy Bragg

Song Making

The inspiration for We Laughed

photo of maxine and jess togetherThe picture is a legacy for Jess, a reminder to laugh with her children. The prospect of me seeing them were small so I wanted us captured in a pose that they could aspire to and that Jess would remember fondly. I also wanted her children to have a complete understanding of who I was - not a harsh stern grand parent but one that was fun and would love them and be good to know so We Laughed, relaxed and free.

I feel it's important that we were photographed for an instant and that during that short moment we did not have a care in the world. We both knew why we were there. How long had I got to live? Was it our last Christmas together?

Song scripts

Handwritten Notes and Drafts of We Laughed by Billy and Maxine

photo of We Laughed draft"and We Laughed
and the hardest part of living is giving up what has been given
We Laughed
and you know no one can love you more
Whatever the future has in store
I want you to remember that We Laughed."

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