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Rosetta Requiem is a cycle of songs and films made by people with living with life threatening illness and established film makers, song writers, and composers.

Rosetta Requiem enables people to express themselves through art at a time when words are not enough. You are invited to explore the collection of films and songs and even to contribute a song yourself.

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Featured Song

photo of Beverley AshillThat Very Breath
Beverley Ashill has lung cancer. On a recent trip to Keffalonia she became aware of the miracle of breath and wrote about it. Here, British composer David Picture Beverley and DavidMatthews setting of Beverley’s extraordinary lines about breathing results in a remarkable performance of what may become a landmark work of modern music.


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Featured Film

photo of Dermot shavingGPO and 1916

Dermot Martin goes to Dublin with Michael Nyman and Rosetta Life to photo of Dermot in the vaultsunearth the true story of his Uncle Tom, who took part in the legendary Easter Rising against the British. Nyman’s music sets the tone for both Dermot’s personal quest and an elegiac animation of Nyman photographs taken in Dublin’s GPO. Two wonderful movies about lost causes, cancer, and post offices.